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  • Single door handle bar lock

    Single Handle French Door Bar Lock


    Designed, engineered and assembled in the UK, the Securian PX-4 single handle French door bar lock is built to withstand the forces used in an attack, keeping you and your property safe and secure. It’s sleek, sophisticated and stylish, and comes with everything you need to install it in the box.

  • French door security locks

    French door Handle bar lock


    The Securian PX-3 is suitable for most flat handled doors, such as those used on French doors and patio doors. There are no locks or keys to worry about, and it can be fitted and removed in seconds. The Securian PX-3 is an affordable and innovative patio door security bar lock that will give you the peace of mind that your home or office is protected.

  • Best personal attack alarm spray

    No1 best personal attack alarm spray – Rape Alarm 130DB – dog walking alarm


    The only personal attack alarm spray on the UK market that offers 3 methods of stopping an attack:

    • 130DB noise
    • Foul odour
    • UV marker
  • Personal Attack Alarm

    Repell Personal Attack Deterrent


    The Ultimate Attack Deterrent with Dye and Foul Odour.

    REPELL sprays a cloud of foul odour AND a yellow fluorescent dye. Both of these act to repel, disorientate and mark an attacker. The odour and dye are not easy to remove so they can be used to identify the attacker at a later date. The fluorescent dye is very visible under an ultraviolet light. Be safe, be confident, with your REPELL spray.

    The REPELL contains no hazardous ingredients, it is non toxic and non flammable.

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