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Single handle door bar lock

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Keyless single handle doors bar lock

The single handle door lock is suitable for most flat single handled doors, such as those used on French doors, patio doors or entrance doors. There are no locks or keys to worry about, and it can be fitted and removed in seconds. The Smart Guard PX-4 is an affordable and innovative single handle door bar lock that will give you the peace of mind that your home and family are protected.

French doors and patio doors are common targets for criminals, who can break locks and gain entry to your home in less than a minute. With Smart Guards high-specification single handle door bar lock you can prevent criminals, thieves and other intruders from accessing your property. Once fitted, it’ll keep you safe and secure inside – even if your patio door lock or door bolts are breached. It adds essential extra security to external doors to protect from forced entry.

Single door handle bar lock

The door security bar lock is part of our range of single handle French door security locks that are built to withstand the extreme forces used in a home attack. It’s easy to fit, sliding over the door handles and held in place with a retaining knob. It’s hard on criminals, but soft on your door – with a protective foam layer inside causing no scratches or damage to your door handles.

The residential door barricade bars has been designed to be operated by anyone and can be fitted and removed in seconds. Unlike other conservatory door locks on the market, ours is built from solid metal and has no locks or keys to worry about.

Single handle door bar lock features


The Smart Guard PX-4 will provide personal protection and peace of mind when it’s installed. It can be safely fitted to all external or internal UPVC doors, wooden doors, composite doors and inward-opening patio doors.

The unit comes pre-assembled with everything you need to install it in the box.

  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Fitted and removed in seconds.
  • Built from high-quality corrosion-free metals.
  • Internal protective layer to avoid damage to handles and doors.
  • Can withstand exceptionally high attack forces.
  • Contemporary design.
  • No locks or keys.
  • L 215mm, W 38mm, H 38mm.

Tried and Tested

Tests have established that the Smart Guard PX-4 is tougher than the competition. We’ve used virtual testing, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and computer stress modelling to refine its performance. Independent security experts have attempted to break through the lock and failed. Testing has found the Securian PX-4 to be able to handle the typical attack forces used in an attempted break-in, giving you peace of mind that you, your property and the things you care about most are safe and secure.

Smart Guard also offer free 2 / 3 day delivery on all orders of single handle door bar lock’s, so don’t delay, place your order today using our secure check out screen and protect your homer and family.

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