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French door locks are an easy target.

In under 1 MINUTE a skilled burglar can gain access through your French Doors!

How to secure French Doors that open out.

Installing a good quality set of French doors that open out in to your garden are great way of letting more light in and allowing the outside in, however the key word to take note of is “good quality”.

Outward opening French doors are often installed on conservatories to allow you to make use of all the available floor space during the summers months, but are your French door locks secure?

The simple answer is NO, so what are the best locks for French doors?

A skilled burglar using only limited tools such as a pair of mole grips, a hammer and a screw driver can and will gain entry to your property in under 1 minute. So how can this be?

There are only three parts that work together to lock your French doors, the security locks for French doors, a euro profile cylinder and a handle.

So how to secure french doors that open out cost effectively

The Four simple steps to increase your French door security

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French door security locks From £39.00

There are a lot of after market products that can increase your French door security. All of the products perform a similar task by stopping the handle or handles, been operated.

What if you need a security lock for French doors with one handle?

However, all the products apart from the lock lock handle are somewhat unsightly and may cause damage to the handle finish as they are require you to add or remove them when needed. They are also not as easy to remove in the event of a fire.

The lock lock handle offers the best night lock for French doors.

The lock lock handle however is different, by upgrading your existing door handle to a high security Ultron 2 star plus, you need never worry about this problem again.

Simple install the new handles, and your covered!

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French door security locks

French door bar locks from £29.99

The Securian French door bar lock is part of our range of French door handle locks that are built to withstand the extreme forces used in a home attack. It’s easy to fit, sliding over the door handles and held in place with a retaining knob. It’s hard on criminals, but soft on your door – with a protective foam layer inside causing no scratches or damage to your door handles.

The Securian French door bar lock has been designed to provide the best protection for your home and business. The unit is built from high-specification materials that won’t rust, corrode, chip or damage. The brushed metal finish is stylish and secure. Unlike other conservatory door locks, it’s built entirely from corrosion-free, lightweight metal.

Our own inhouse tests have established that the Securian French door bar lock is tougher than the competition. We’ve used virtual testing, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and computer stress modelling to refine its performance. Independent security experts have attempted to break through the lock and failed. Testing has found the Securian French door bar lock to be able to handle the typical attack forces used in an attempted break-in, giving you peace of mind that you, your property and the things you care about most are safe and secure.

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