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Ajax Fire Protect


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The FireProtect from Ajax Systems, the most awarded wireless security system in Europe, is a Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector featuring Smoke & Temperature detection that monitors security in a room 24/7 & immediately notifies of smoke & sharp jumps in temperature.

With the ability to operate independently from the Ajax Hub, it will notify of danger by means of a built-in siren as well as testing the smoke chamber & promptly gives notifications if it requires cleaning.

Simplicity is key, the FireProtect is ready to operate straight out of the box: the battery is already installed, meaning there is no need to disassemble the keypad. With just one click, it can be connected to the hub in the smartphone app.

A required authentication means your system is prevented from forgery as well as including a tampering alarm, jamming detection and communication channels encryption.

Key Information:

  • Power Supply: 2 x CR2 Batteries
  • Backup Battery: CR2032
  • Power Supply Voltage: 3V
  • Battery Life: 4 Years
  • Dimensions: 132mm x 132mm x 31mm

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