Ajax Alarm Systems

Take your security to the next level with the new generation of Wireless Alarms

  • decoy bell box

    Texecom Odyssey 3 Dummy Bell Box


    The Smart Guard Odyssey 3 Dummy / Decoy External Sound Unit.

    • White Casing with Blue Lens
    • IP44 Environmental Protection
    • Polycarbonate Construction
    • 315mm x W 306mm x D 78mm
  • Ajax hub


    The hub is the heart and brains of your alarm system and only one hub is required per system 

  • Ajax Key Pad


    AJAX KEY PAD The Key Pad from Ajax Systems, the most awarded wireless security system in Europe, is a Wireless Touch Keypad used for arming/disarming of your Ajax security system. It’s best installed in a room near an entrance door to provide quick and easy access to the keypad. Not only does the Ajax Key Pad…

  • Ajax Space Control


    Not only does the SpaceControl act as a control for your system, but it also has a built-in panic button. When activated, it will send an alarm signal to the users connected to the hub and to the Central Monitoring Station to alert them of the situation.

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