SCHOOL & COLLEGE Mobile Security Patrols

Why Smart Guard?

Mobile security patrols offer the presence of a highly trained, uniformed officer without having to buy expensive static guards.

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Mobile Security Patrols

As you would expect from a leading provider of mobile security patrols in West Yorkshire, we provide a comprehensive services that is dependable, accountable and affordable for anyone.

Mobile security patrols offer the presence of security at random times, without the cost of a static security guard been present at your premises. Our mobile security patrols are always conducted by a highly trained, uniformed security officer that holds a valid SIA license, and are always delivered at  completely random times to ensure no pattern is formed or noted by any would be criminals.

The mobile security officer will perform a full external patrol of your facility, recording the patrol details within our TrackTic reporting app that includes HD photos of all sides of your facility to ensure full transparency.

Redefine Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile security is an extremely cost effective way to increase the security of your premises, but due to the very nature of mobile security patrols, prolong gaps between visits can leave your site or facility venerable.

To counter act this venerability, we are the first security company in the UK to offer remotely monitored HD CCTV cameras as an alternative to mobile security patrols. Our HD Cameras are battery powered and work over the mobile 4G network, meaning they can be deployed without delay anytime day or night. For less than the cost of 3 mobile security visits, your site or facility can be remotely monitored for a period of 12 hours throughout the night.

  • Self contained 4G internet connection
  • 1080P HD with night vision
  • Records a 10 second clip per activation
  • Monitored by our SIA licensed control team

Rather than protecting your premises with 2 or 3 mobile security patrols per night, you can rent a 4G CCTV camera allowing 12 hours worth of security for the same price.

One Mobile Security Patrol per Night


per visit

  • A full external patrol of your facility
  • TrackTic email reporting

2/3 Mobile Security Patrols per Night


per visit

  • 2 / 3 random nightly security patrols
  • A full external patrol of your facility
  • All lower ground windows and doors checked for security
  • TRackTic email reporting to prove time and date

4G CCTV Rental & 12 Hour Monitoring


per camera per day

  • 12 Hours monitoring
  • Monitoring of internet connection
  • Monitoring for both video loss
  • Monitoring for camera faults
  • False alarm filtering
  • Live audio warnings

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