Scaffolding Alarm Systems

Why Smart Guard?

Scaffolding alarm systems are a must to protect your building or building site from criminal attack.

Using the latest military grade battery powered HD cameras, our in house monitoring station and rapid alarm response, we have you covered!

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Protect your business with the perfect security system.

Scaffolding Alarm Systems

Are you looking for a scaffolding alarm system, but not sure which company to place your trust in?

Scaffolding alarms systems are becoming a necessity on building sites across the West Yorkshire region, they help protect your building from theft of expensive building materials, but more importantly it’s a deterrent to warn off unwanted intrusions.

Scaffolding offers any would be intruder an easy route onto your building, greatly increasing the risk of an actual break-in taking place. Whats more, some insurance companies are withdrawing insurance cover to building that don’t have a scaffolding alarm system fitted.

Smart Guard use the very latest military grade camera technology to protect your scaffolding, that offer crystal clear 1080P HD images, monitored directly by our in house monitoring team and backed by West Yorkshire fastest alarm response units.

Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best!

Smart Guard only install 1080P HD camera system, anything less is a waste of money.

We provide the full service for scaffolding and building site security :

  • Security Warning Boards
  • 1080P HD remote cameras
  • 129db siren
  • Rapid alarm response
  • Prices start from only £35.00 a week
  • Dependable
  • Accountable
  • Affordable

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