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We offer a range of security services and products to help protect your void property, and ensure you comply with your insurance companies requirements.

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Protect your void property with the perfect security system.

We are Void property security Specialists.

We have decades of experience in providing void property security, so are able to tailor your property security services.

When a prop­er­ty becomes vacant, it is an easy tar­get for unau­tho­rised vis­i­tors such as van­dals, tres­passers or urban explores, often result­ing in expensive repairs and much frus­tra­tion to the landlord.

By secur­ing a prop­er­ty correctly, util­is­ing sim­ple deter­rents such as steel secu­ri­ty screens and remotely monitored CCTV , you can cost effec­tive­ly pro­tect, man­age and mon­i­tor your property assets.

Smart Guard’s void property security advisors, have decades of experience in providing void property security services, and are able recommend products and services that offer real value for money, and protect your void property correctly.

The Four steps to protecting your void property

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We ensure your Requirements are meet

Smart Guard pride ourselves on ensuring our client’s properties remain safe and secured.

We save landlords the headache from void properties nightmares, as our highly experienced team of void property specialists can recommend products and services that are tailored to the properties needs.

Smart Guard’s team of property inspectors take a unique approach to helping secure your void property, and it all start with the free on site inspection. Our team compile and in-depth report on your property and combine this with local crime data, to produce a report on how likely your property is to become a victim of crime and what crime is most likely to take place. Also included within the in-depth report are our recommendations for your void property security.

Do Void Property Security Services work?

The simple answer is yes, but only if they have been planned, implemented and reported correctly. Almost all void property security services are requested by an insurance provider, to ensure the empty property remains in good condition. Most insurance companies will require as a bare minimum of weekly property inspections. These inspection require a full external patrol checking for signs of forced entry, graphite or general vandalism. The internal inspection is required to ensure every room within the property is free from signs of squatter, damp, fire, flood and windows are in a safe weather proof conduction.

Weekly Inspections

Smart Guard Security property inspectors us a reporting app called TrackTic. This app allows our team to compile your void property report in real time and include HD images of anything noted. Once complete the report is emailed directly to your chosen email address and copies are stored on our internal server. Our void property inspections are the most comprehensive within the industry and include as standard:

Void Property External Inspection

  • Check for signs of attempted intrusion
  • Check for signs of graphite
  • Check general area for signs of fly tipping

Void property Internal Inspection

  • Check the integrity of all windows and doors and make sure they are secure
  • Check each room for signs of damp, water ingress, mould and general damage
  • Check the celling area of each room for signs of damp, mould or water ingress

Roof Inspection

Water ingress through poorly maintained or damaged roof’s, cost landlords tens of thousands of pounds each year. So why don’t people inspect the roof area?. Smart Guard Security are one of only a handful of Void Property security companies to offer the use of a fully licensed patrol of the entire roof area using a 4K drone. To find out more about our roof inspection please click here.

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Void Property CCTV

Void property presents a unique challenge for CCTV systems and monitoring services, as 99% of the time the property has no mains power. For the last ten years, the only usable battery powered option available for void properties offered extremely low quality images, to the point you were unable to tell what colour cloths a persons was wearing. IN this day and age, anything less than 1080p HD is just not good enough.

Smart Guard supply the Reconeyes void property CCTV system, it is 100% wireless and the battery can last up to 1 year. Each camera is simple paired to a control unit that contains the 4G router. This is a turn key solution for monitoring void property and the system is monitored by our in house control room from the get go.

The Detector combines a passive infrared (PIR) sensor with signal analysis to monitor the area for thermal signatures. If motion is detected, an alarm is generated and the camera is activated.

  • 35m / 38yd / 115ft detection range
  • 95% detection probability (person speed 0.4 m/s / 0.9 mph, ambient temperature 36℃ / 96.8°F)
  • Artificial intelligence backed sensitivity algorithms
  • Low  false alarms due to machine learning
  • Digital signal processing