Void property CCTV cameras

We are Yorkshire leading provider of void property CCTV cameras!

We only install 1080P HD void property CCTV cameras.

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Protect your premises with our rapid alarm response services .

Benefits of Void Property CCTV

  • Rent a camera from £2.49 per day
  • No external power or internet connection needed
  • HD day and night images
  • Fully maintained and monitored within daily price
  • Backed by Rapid response teams
  • Installation within 24 Hours
  • Full wireless cameras can be installed just where they are needed

Smart Guard offer the most advanced temporary void property CCTV cameras available. If you need a vacant property CCTV Cameras system for a vulnerable site, that is notoriously difficult to secure due to a lack of mains power or phone lines, we have the solution.

Our void property CCTV cameras are portable, durable and full 1080P HD. Our CCTV cameras can often be installed the same day, internally or externally. They provide 24-hour coverage of buildings and installations – giving you 100% peace of mind.

Smart Guards void property CCTV camera system uses motion detectors integrated with high-performance HD cameras and built-in infra-red illumination for clear images at night or low light conditions.

Movement triggers the cameras into immediately capturing HD still images for 5 seconds . This is encrypted and sent over the GSM network to our NSI gold accredited central monitoring station, manned by security professionals day and night, 365 days a year. The control team can take the appropriate action of dispatching Smart Guards rapid alarm response teams along with Police if required.

HD void property CCTV cameras in action!

void property cctv system
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