COMMERCIAL Lock And Unlocking Service

Why Smart Guard?

We are able to provide lock or unlocking services at short notice, to cover illness or COVID-19 isolation

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Protect your business with the perfect security system.

Lock And Unlocking Services

Let Smart Guard perform your lock or unlock & remove the risk to lone workers!

The most venerable time for a business is during the lock or unlocking period.

The responsibility of lock or unlocking a business is normally tasked to one person. Often it’s a lone worker who is either keen to get home, or inside to put the kettle on. As a result of the above, doors and windows get missed and are left open for opportunist criminals to attack.

You as a business owner, have a duty of care to your employees and lone worker protection must be in place.

The alternative is to let Smart Guard perform your lock or unlocking service. We have teams of highly trained licensed security officers on shift 24/7.

We’re on hand 24/7

We can lock or unlock your premisses with short notice, to cover illness or isolation.

Our security officers are highly trained and follow the same procedure your team would.

  • All exit door are checked
  • All windows are checked
  • All lights are tuned on or off
  • Alarm armed or disarmed correctly

Our team record your lock or unlock using our mobile patrol app, and once the request has been completed, you receive a report to show whats been done.

Call our office on 0333 0064293 24/7 or drop us an email.

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