Key Holding & Alarm Response Brighouse

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We are the only security company in West Yorkshire to have teams of rapid alarm response unit on standby 24/7

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Key holding And Alarm Response Brighouse

Based in Brighouse, we are the number 1 choice to provide key holding and alarm response Brighouse.

Key holding and alarm response Brighouse is all about time! You need to be assured that if your alarm is activated during your closed hours, someone is on their way.

However, is just on the way good enough?, after all your alarm has activated for a reason.

Smart Guard are the only security company in Brighouse to have on standby, teams of rapid alarm response units. The units are based at our head office with fast and easy access to your premisses keys, allowing us to boost some of the fastest response times in the area.

As a result of our industry leading approach to providing key holding and alarm response Brighouse. We are able to ensure rapid alarm response times to confirmed intruder activations of under 30 minutes.

Place your trust wisely!

When you entrust a security company to provide your key holding and alarm response Brighouse services, you need to make sure they perform their duties to the highest personal and professional standards. When you contact Smart Guard, straightaway you will notice a difference. Firstly, you will be asked to provide your post code, this is to perform initial checks on expected response times to your premises.

Our team of highly experienced security officers are all SIA license holders, and have decades of industry experience in providing commercial key holding and alarm response services. We are committed to providing the most reliable and accountable security services for Brighouse, and are able to react to our customers needs or extra requirements in a swift manor.

So whats happens if your alarm goes off?

  • Your intruder or fire alarm system will signal your chosen alarm monitoring station, who in turn call our 24 hour manned control room.
  • Once we have taken the details of your alarm activation from your alarm monitoring station, our control team dispatch a mobile response unit to investigate the cause of the activation.
  • Upon arrival at your premises, our mobile response unit will perform a full external check of your facility, checking for signs of intrusion.
  • If no sign’s of intrusion can be found, the mobile response unit will enter your facility and disarm your intruder system. Taking note of what reading the alarm panel shows.
  • The security officer will then conduct a full internal patrol of the area the alarm panel advised.
  • If no reason for the activation can be found in the area, the security officer will clean the alarm sensor help prevent a second false activation occurring.

Smart Guard’s mobile response drivers use a patrol reporting app called TrackTIc, this allows each stage of the alarm response to be reported correctly. Further more, it allows HD images to be included in the alarm response report and the report is emailed directly to your preferred address.

If you are looking to instruct a key holding and alarm response Brighouse provider, why not give our highly skilled team a call today and get protected.