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We provide specialist key holding and alarm response Brighouse services, using highly trained SIA licensed security officers .

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Protect your premises with our rapid alarm response services .

Key Holding and Alarm Response Brighouse Specialists.

We have teams of key holding and alarm response Brighouse officers on standby, to process your alarm activation.

Smart Guard Security are the only security company in West Yorkshire to have on standby, teams of key holding and alarm response Brighouse security units. The units are based at our head office with fast and easy access to your premises keys, allowing us to boost some of the fastest alarm response times in Leeds.

As a result of our industry leading approach to providing key holding and alarm response Brighouse. We are able to ensure rapid alarm response times to confirmed intruder activations of under 25 minutes.

Our team of highly experienced key holding and alarm response security officers are all SIA license holders, and have decades of industry experience in providing commercial key holding and alarm response services. We are committed to providing the most reliable and accountable security services in Yorkshire, and are able to react to our customers needs or extra requirements in a swift and efficient manor.

The Four simple steps to key holding and alarm response Brighouse

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Key Handover

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Smart Guard pride ourselves on ensuring our key holding and alarm response Brighouse services is second to none.

When you entrust a security company to provide your key holding alarm response Brighouse services, you need to make sure they perform their duties to the highest personal and professional standards. When you contact Smart Guard, straightaway you will notice a difference. Firstly, you will be asked to provide your post code, this is to perform initial checks on expected response times to your premises.

Secondly, you will be asked about any previous issues or incidents that may have occurred at your premises. Unquestionably, these two points are vital in helping us formulating a solid response plan. We always recommend services that offer maximum protection and value for money.

High Security Key Holding

Smart Guards offer key holding and alarm response Brighouse in accordance with BS7984 , the provision of key holding and alarm response services. Once you entrust Smart Guard with your premises keys and before they entre our key vault the following takes place:

  • All identifying labels are removed
  • Your keys and alarm fobs are placed on the anti tamper seal and issued with a unique number
  • Your keys are then photographed and the photo uploaded to your site details
  • The bunch of keys are then secured within our key vault.

Limited Access

The only time your keys will be removed from our vault, is in the event of an alarm activation or an authorised member of your team request mobile security patrols. We record all our key movements on to a secure data base and perform weekly and month key audits

Keys In Transit

In the event of your alarm activating or mobile security patrols been requested, Smart Guard’s control team issues your keys out to one of our alarm response teams. Your keys are issued within a high security brief case to ensure they remain safe and free from damage during the transit period. Once the alarm response team have finished processing your alarm activation, they keys are returned back to the brief case and handed back to the control team for checking and auditing.

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We provide Key Holding and Alarm Response Leeds

When The Alarm Response Driver Arrives.

Upon arrival at your premises, the alarm response driver will conduct a full external patrol checking for signs of intrusion. If no signs are present of an intrusion, the following will take place:

  • They enter your premises via the agree entrance and disarm your intruder alarm system.
  • A note will be taken of what has caused the alarm activation and this is included within your alarm response report.
  • A full internal patrol of the area in activation is conducted, HD images are taken to prove time and attendance.
  • If no reason can be found for the alarm activation, the PIR sensor or door contact will be cleaned.
  • The driver will then turn all lights off and rearm your intruder alarm system.
  • The entry point will be re secured correctly.

The alarm response driver will wait at your facility for a further 5 minutes, to ensure the alarm has reset correctly and no further alarm activations take place.