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Do you need CCTV for a building site or remote building, our HD Wireless camera systems will do the job!

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Protect your business with the perfect security system.

HD Wireless camera

Rent 4 remote HD wireless cameras to protect your building site or remote building from only £100 per week.

Building site security has traditional been provided by the means of a static security guard present at site throughout the night. However with the increased cost of labor and lone worker protection, many builders have turned to CCTV cameras, but what if you have not power or internet connection?

Smart Guard provide a range of military grade HD wireless camera systems ,that operate on their own batteries for 365 days. Unlike some other systems on the market, the cameras offer 1080P HD images that are sent directly to our in house CCTV monitoring centre for evaluation.

The benefit of our HD Wireless Camera systems are that the cameras being completely wireless can be deployed anywhere on site. As your site changes our engineers can attend and move the cameras wherever they’re needed, quickly and discreetly.

Great Solution

We have tried all different way to protect our building sites. We used security guards and even CCTV towers.
Both I think are extremely expensive.
However having tried a 8 HD wireless camera, combined with monitoring and alarm response, I am very pleased. I would highly recommend
David Jonson
  • 4 HD Wireless Cameras
  • FREE nightly Monitoring
  • 40M AI Detection Range
  • £99.99 set up fee
  • No decommissioning fee
  • 365 day battery life
  • 6 HD Wireless Cameras
  • FREE nightly monitoring
  • 40M AI Detection Range
  • £99.99 Set up fee
  • No decommissioning cost
  • 365 day battery life
  • 8 HD Wireless Cameras
  • FREE nightly monitoring
  • 40M AI detection range
  • £99.99 set up fee
  • No decommissioning fee
  • 365 day battery life

Its all in the price

We offer upfront pricing, so no nasty surprises

We build strong working partnerships with our clients by been honest and upfront. When you request a quote it will contain all our pricing for your requirement. So you will never get a nasty surprise at the end of the contract.

We provide the complete service for your building or construction site from HD Wireless cameras, FREE monitoring and rapid alarm response. You need never been callout back to your site again out of hours!.


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