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Protect your Caravan or holiday home with the best alarm system on the market.

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Protect your caravan or holiday home with a Smart Caravan Alarm!

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a great toll on international holiday’s, but 2021 is the year of the stay cation. More and more brits are opting to holiday in the UK than ever before, and as so caravans and holiday home are enjoying a much needed revival.

Caravans and holiday homes can remain empty for long period of time, so adequate security measure should be in please to ensure your holiday home remains safe and secure.

Smart Guard Security provide a range of Caravan Alarm system that can be monitored directly on your smart phone, or professional monitored by our in house alarm receiving centre. Our caravan alarms can be so much more then just a burglar alarm, they can detect fire, CO2 and floods.

What our caravan alarm system can do

More Than Just A Caravan Alarm!

Smart Guards caravan alarm system is manufactured by Europe’s leading smart alarm manufacture, Ajax. The caravan alarm system is 100% wireless allowing intruder, fire and flood detectors to be installed just where they are needed. But the really exciting bit about the caravan alarm system, is the intruder detectors send HD photos straight to your smart phone , allowing you to see if the alarm is real.

The Best Caravan Alarm On The Market

Originally designed to protect a brick and mortar house, Ajax alarms are ideally suited to offer the same high levels of security to your caravan or holiday home.

  • 100% Wireless alarm system
  • 5 to 7 year long life batteries
  • Photo detectors allow you to see what’s caused the alarm activation
  • Monitor intruder, fire, CO2 and flood detection
  • Controlled by your smart phone

No Need For A External Sounder

The option to have an external sounder installed to your caravan is your choice, but we would recommend adding an internal sounder. This is a small devise that omits a 99DB sound when your alarm is activated, alerting the intruder they have been caught. Within 2 seconds the alarm will appear on your smart phone and within 9 seconds you will have the photo images.

Other Security Options

A typical alarm system for a caravan would only consist of two photo detectors and a control hub however, the system is expandable to any configuration you require. The addition of Fire / CO2 and flood detection offers all round protection against any eventuality.

Add to this professional monitoring services and your Caravan is protected by professional security offers 24/7, while your not their.