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uPVC doors are one of the most common door types seen in the UK, mainly due to their cost. Our technical advisors are always been asked ” how can I make my uPVC door more secure, without spending a small fortune “. Below we discuss why uPVC door’s are venerable and easy ways to increase your uPVC door security.

Why uPVC doors are easy to break-in to!

The simple answer to this question is they are made to be cheap. While the uPVC profile maybe tough enough to withstand some attack force, the locking points, handles, cylinder and hinges are all made as cheap as possible. And yes most security hardware companies will show you how many hours their products last under test conditions, but remember these are test conditions.

Under 90 Seconds

This is how long it would take a burglar with only limited tools to break in to your home. Using a pair of mole grips, the burglar simple snaps your door handles exposing the cylinder, then snaps the cylinder in half. Then using a small flat headed screw driver forces the locking cam over, then presses the handle leaver down and your door opens!

This may come as a bit of a shock but now that your aware of how easy it is, you can take action.

Door Handles

All most all door handles supplied with uPVC door have a flat faced upstand around the back plate, making them easy to attack with mole grips. So by simply changing your door handles, your uPVC door becomes less of a target.

Its a 5 minute job to change your uPVC door handles over to a high security option, in most cases you just ned to undo two screws. The high security uPVC door handles offer great levels of uPVC door security and also come complete with 6mm screws rather than the already installed 5mm ones, adding extra security.

uPVC door Security

Changing your existing door handles really is simple and cost effective with high security uPVC door handles starting from £29.99, click HERE to see colour options.

Door Jammer

A uPVC door jammer stops the door been forced open. This is a product that is secured to the floor and is operated from within the property.

Door Jammers have been designed to work with all types of inward opening doors, including UPVC doors, wooden doors, composite doors and inward-opening patio doors. When in place, you can be confident it’s securing your door and increasing your uPVC door security.

Door Jammer

A door Jammer could not be easier to use, simply slide the jammer in to its base plate and your secured. Prices start from £37.00, please click here.

Anti Snap Euro Profile Cylinder

The term lock snapping involves using a tool to break the cylinder in half in order to manipulate the door locking system . All uPVC euro profile cylinders are held in place with a single screws, running through the middle of the cylinder. This is the weakest point and in under 10 seconds can be snapped.

Your uPVC door may have hooks and dead bolts that engage when the door is locked, but the euro profile cylinder is still the weak link especially if not fitted correctly.

uPVC door security

Anti snap cylinders are not as they sound, they are actually designed to snap but away from the centre of the cylinder stopping access to the locking system. Anti snap cylinders offer high levels of uPVC door security and are an easy DIY project.

The important thing to note is the cylinder MUST be the same size as the one your replacing or your will decrease your uPVC door security greatly. To measure a euro profile cylinder correctly, see the below image.


High security door locks or euro profile cylinders vary in price , please click here to see the options.

Combined solutions to increase your uPVC door security

So as you are now aware that burglar’s will look to target door with handles that can be easily attached with mole grips and poor quality door cylinders. Combining a high security solution to increase your uPVC door security will be the most effective way to stop your home becoming a victim of crime.

  • Change your door handles to a high security option
  • Change your euro profile door cylinder to a anti snap option
  • Use a door Jammer when your in the property

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