Halifax Security Services

Halifax Security Services
Halifax Security Services

So you’re looking for Halifax security services, but what sort of security services do you need?. In this article we will discuss what Halifax security services are available, and the potential benefits of each service. If you are requirement is URGENT, please feel free to call out 24H Halifax Security Services number 01484 971202

Residential security Halifax

It’s a proven fact that almost all residential burglaries are committed by opportunists’ criminals between the hours all 8AM and 5PM. All opportunist criminals look for an easy target, so the harder it looks to gain entry to your residential property, the less likely you are to become a victim of crime. As a homeowner, there are some simple zero cost steps that you can take to make your residential property less desirable to any opportunity’s criminals.

Smart Guards residential security guru has pulled together a quick checklist that should take no more than 5 minutes to complete before leaving your property.

  • Check all your windows are closed correctly or secured on the night latch
  • Don’t leave valuables like laptops in view of windows
  • Make you you set your burglar alarm system
  • Check all your doors are secured and locked correctly
  • Don’t leave tools on show in your garden
  • Close path gates and driveway gate if you can

There are two Halifax Security Services that offer real value for money to residential properties. A monitored intruder alarm system and or a monitored CCTV system. Both Halifax Security Services offer a great deterrent against opportunist criminal attack and, increase the risk of the criminal of being caught, so they move on to find an easier target.

What is a monitored Intruder alarm?

A monitored intruder alarm or monitored burglar alarm, is simply an alarm system that when triggered, informs someone your alarm has been activated. But what’s the point in your alarm monitoring company calling you, your not at home and thats why your alarm system is set!.

Is Monitored CCTV worth the cost?

CCTV monitoring is where a third-party company has a connection to your CCTV system during pre-agreed hours. in the event of a person or vehicle being seen the monitoring company will inform you. Almost all modern CCTV systems have what is known as analytic detection methods, this means your CCTV cameras can detect motion and send an alarm of the motion to the monitoring station.

So, it seems we’ve highlighted a problem.

The problem is if you have a monitored burglar alarm or monitored CCTV, you really need a security company in Halifax to provide a response service to activations. Otherwise, there’s no real point in having a monitored security system. The key holding and alarm response provider must ideally be located within the local area, as the response time to your property is the vital part of the service, and let be fare every second counts.

Monitored Alarm or CCTV system?

A monitored alarm system will work extremely well at protecting your property, however, please remember that’s an alarm system is reactive. By this we simply mean in order for your alarm to activate, it means someone has already gained entry to your property. Whereas monitored CCTV is proactive and will detect a person of interest before they gain entry to your property, or any damage has been done.

What the guru recommends!

A professionally installed alarm system in our opinion is the best option but can cost thousands of pounds and in today’s climate of austerity, maybe this cost is unrealistic too many households. The cost of an alarm system should never be a deciding factor especially when there are DIY alarm systems on the market, that are extremely affordable and do the same job as a professionally installed system. In some cases, they do a better job. DIY burglar alarm system can still be monitored by a security company and key holding and alarm response services can be provided. We suggest contacting our team of highly trained security experts, to discuss your requirements or your potential requirements for Halifax security services

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