Key Holding Halifax Security

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Key Holding Halifax Security

Smart Guard knows how important it is for you to ensure the safety of your home or business outside of opening hours, as activating the alarm can be an inconvenience for you, your family and your employees. By using our key holding Halifax security service, you can leave your premises with the assurance that your alarm system will be activated and at the end of the day will receive a guaranteed fast response from us.

Smart Guard’s established customer list benefits from excellent service, high security key holding Halifax Security and an unmatched price-performance. If you need a trusted and reliable security company in Halifax to provide key holding services to you in Halifax, Smart Guard is for you.

We ensure your key holding Halifax security is tailored to meet the needs of your premises and conduct a full site and in-depth survey to ensure our emergency key holding response teams can perform 100%.

Smart Guard is a privately owned family business with over forty years of industry experience.    

Smart Guard have on standby 24/7, teams of qualified and highly trained staff in the event of a problem of any kind. Key Hold emergency response team will act according to your activation procedures and provide you with detailed security reports and alarms before activation if you so desire. 

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So what is Key Holding Halifax Security?

Key Holding Halifax Security is where you entrust a security company in West Yorkshire to provide your out of hours emergency response to both intruder or fire alarm activation, so you and your staff don’t have to attend during unsocial hours. It is vital that you place your trust in reputable company with a proven track record in providing Key Holding Halifax Security services. Yes price is important, but remember emergency key holding services are all about time. If you get a great price for your annual key holding but the company take hours to get to your premises, thats not really a great deal.

So once you have chosen your key holding Halifax Security company, a full site survey will need to be conducted, this is a simple process of really just having a look around to make sure they have a feel for your premises. You then need to supply a full set of working keys for your site and all codes or fobs for your intruder alarm Halifax. You should expect your key holding Halifax Security company to confirm receipt of your keys and data either in paper format or email, either way keep hold of this to ensure you can prove what keys were supplied at the start of the contract.

Now its simply just a case of informing your alarm monitoring company that your key holder number one has changed to your new security provider.

What happens if my alarm goes off?

If your intruder or fire alarm are activated during your closed hours, you chosen alarm monitoring station will inform your key holding Halifax security company, this will start the process of an alarm response. When the security officer arrives at your premises, they should conduct a full external patrol checking for signs of forced entry, this is done to help ensure the security officers safety. However please be aware that not all companies operate this policy and without following this rule, the company really need to have a solid lone worker policy.

So assuming the external patrol has been conducted and no signs of forced entry are present, the security officer will entry your premises and go straight to dis arm your intruder alarm system, taking note of the reading from the alarm panel showing what has caused the alarm activation. The officer will then find the area the alarm panel has indicated and conduct an internal patrol of this area. If no reason for the activation can be found, the security officer should wipe down the detector to make sure it was not a spider or a cobweb.

Once the officer is happy that the alarm was false, he or she should ensure all lights are turned off, all internal doors are closed, your intruder system is reamed and your entry point re secured.

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