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Why Smart Guard?

Because protecting your home, family, business or school has never been so important, our products and services seamlessly integrate so you’re protected instantly.

Our range of smart intruder alarm system combined with our state of the art monitoring station and rapid alarm response team help to ensure your security needs are always meet 24/7.

Choose Smart Guard?

Are you looking for a security company in West Yorkshire, that provides high tech smart intruder alarms, monitoring and rapid alarm response services? then you’re in the right place.

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What type of property are you protecting?

Smart GuardOther Company
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Remote 4G CCTV cameraschecked bluecross gray
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How Smart Guard compares

Our teams of highly skilled SIA licensed security guards and engineers are focused on providing the best services and we are:

  • An independent security company in Yorkshire
  • Boost a 99% customer retention
  • Highly focused on delivering the best products and services
  • Cost effective security products and services
  • Trusted by over 250 existing satisfied clients
  • Open 24/7
  • Always there when you need us

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